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The AirPen® Color Dispenser is a hand held, air-powered tool for drawing fine decorative details and for filling intricate areas.The AirPen® Color Dispenser

The AirPen Color Dispenser is a hand held, air-powered tool for drawing fine decorative details and for filling intricate areas. Perfect for sewers, artists and crafters.

Paints, glues, glazes, and other viscous medias are effortlessly dispensed by placing a finger over the flow control hole. Anti-gravity "followers" allow you to work on a vertical surface. You are not restricted to only creating your work horizontally!

Everything is organized in a handy carry case. This allows you to store and carry your AirPen all in one container. To view a larger picture with all the included accessories, click here.

Accessories include:

  • 14 Interchangeable applicator tips of assorted sizes for thick to thin lines
    • Plastic Taper: 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA (1 ea.)
    • Metal Tip: 25GA (2), 23GA (2), 22GA (1), 20GA (3), 18GA (1), 16GA (1)
  • Compressor with 6ft air line; 100V through 240V DC power adapter
  • 5 cartridges
  • 5 anti-gravity "followers"
  • 5 red storage tips and storage plugs with tabs
  • 1 Stainless steel "Puller" tool
  • 1 cleaning plunger
  • AirPen Color Dispenser trifold instructions brochure

With the AirPen Color Dispenser you can:

  • Draw long flowing lines and fine details without squeeze bottles, or brushes
  • Draw fine lines with thick mediums
  • Dispense paints, glues, and more
  • Prevent hand fatigue often associated with the use of squeeze bottles
  • Easily operate the AirPen for time saving production of precision work

The AirPen is a patented product of Silkpaint Corporation (Patent No. 5579960)

Each AirPen Color Dispenser housing features a patented venturi system for precise control of flow, and drip-free operation. Air bubbles, skips, and blobs are virtually eliminated. The AirPen Color Dispenser comes fully equipped, and is built for years of trouble-free use.

Use the AirPen Color Dispenser with:

  • craft paints
  • acrylics
  • enamels
  • oil paints
  • eggery
  • ceramic glazes

  • clay slip
  • underglazes
  • overglazes
  • china paint
  • liquid polymer clay
  • resists
  • glues
  • adhesives
  • ink
  • henna designs
  • nail polish
  • Fiber Etch®
  • latex
  • automotive paints
  • sealants
  • assembly fluids
  • model paints
  • liquid leading
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