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Fiber Etch®: Denimolition - Distressed Denim

You can quickly and easily create distressed or 'vandalized' denim using Fiber Etch. Create a mix of brush strokes, spills, tiny holes, smudges and more on your garment or accessories. Perfect for helping to create your own personalized style.


  • Apply tiny dots of Fiber Etch gel and allow to penetrate into the denim.
  • Fold denim garment, time for 20 minutes, and place on a piece of aluminum foil into a 225 degree oven.
  • Remove from oven and place in washer to reveal the Denimolition results.
  • Tiny dots will make small holes. If larger, threadbare areas are desired, apply Fiber Etch gel in a series of very fine, horizontal lines spaced 1/2" or so apart.
  • For more fray, wash on heavy duty cycle and place in tumble dryer. For less fray, use smaller holes. Do not mix Fiber Etch with bleach or any other chemicals.

You can "Denimolitionize" a cotton/poly t-shirt by personalizing with your name (oven setting: 200 degrees for 15 minutes). When washed, the Fiber Etched areas will appear magically.

Denimolition Jeans Skirt Denimolition t-shirt
Denimolition Jeans Pocket Denimlition Jacket Back
Denimolition - Deconstructed Fashion for Urban Wear
Fiber Etch® is a patented product of Silkpaint Corporation
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