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Fiber Etch®: Iris Lee's Fabric Etching Book

Iris Lee's Fabric Etching Book using Fiber Etch Fiber Remover

Fabric Etching is the definitive book on the techniques possible using Fiber Etch, and is perfect for the textile artist, sewer, and crafter.

Creating surface texture and design using Fiber Etch.
96 pages. Softcover.
100's of color photos.

Iris Lee Fabric Etching Book - $21.95
#0175 (SRP $29.00)
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  • In the Book
  • Things You'll Need

Iris Lee's Fabric Etching Book:

The details...

...scalloped hems, cut and drawn threads, etched designs in fabrics, cutwork, elegant embroidery... just a few apparel details which seem to have slipped away from our modern collective consciousness of faster production, lower cost, larger marketplaces. Interest in those very details led us on a quest. Develop a consumer product which would help bring back the wonderful details which so enhance a garment. Enter Fiber Etch Fabric Remover.

Our introduction to Iris Lee began via a rather unassuming cardboard box on our doorstep. I opened the box to find a treasure trove of beautifully etched fabrics and ingenious embroideries. Here, I realized, was obviously someone who enjoyed the endless creative discoveries of Fiber Etch. Not only were her samples inventive, but superbly crafted as well. And in speaking with Iris, I found through her enthusiasm that she "got it." She knew that the myriad of possiblities for Fiber Etch had only just begun to be tapped.

So enjoy the adventure of Fiber Etch. Keep pushing the boundaries. Explore...

...and let the details return!

*Forward written by Michele Hester, creator of Fiber Etch® fiber removing gel.

Book Sections Include:

  • Inside Iris Lee's Fabric Etching BookFiber Etch® Basics
  • No-Sew Techniques
  • Free-motion Stitching
  • Cutwork Techniques
  • Applique'
  • Embroidery Machine Generated Designs
  • Fabric Blends
  • Rayon Blends
  • Projects
  • Pre-programmed Machine Decorative Stitches
  • Resources

Other Things You'll Need:

  • Small tip, sharp scissors and straight pins
  • Flat brush (stiff bristles to work the Fiber Etch into your project)
  • Machine embroidered project
  • Scarf, garment, accessory to play with using Fiber Etch
  • Towel
  • Newspaper or something similar
  • Clothes dryer
  • Fabric dye (optional)
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