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Fiber Etch® Order Now!

Fiber Etch - Fiber Removing Gel

Fabric Etching is a liquid gel which comes ready to use for Devore' or "burnout" processes - it works by completely removing plant fibers such as: cotton, linen, and rayon yarns.

If you use a blended fabric - any synthetic, silk, or wool yarns, those will stay creating a gorgeous etched effect that looks almost like it was a part of the original weaving.

Fiber Etch 4oz bottle - $11.95
#0099 (SRP $12.95)
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  • How to Use
  • Things You'll Need

With Fiber Etch You Can:

  • Easily make your own designer fabrics.
  • Create transparent areas on specialty fabrics: rayon/silk, rayon/silk velvet, silk/linen, batiste cotton.
  • Add decorative stitching to your new fabrics.
  • Etch specialty paper
  • Make woodburned effect
  • Incised lines
  • "Watermarks"
  • Add watercolors, dyes, or pastel to your paper

Fiber Etch may be:

  • Applied directly from the bottle.
  • Silkscreened.
  • Stamped with foam decorator stamps
  • Brushed onto the fabric surface.
  • Applied with The AirPen®, for drawing fine lines and intricate details.

Other Things You'll Need:

  • Small tip, sharp scissors and straight pins
  • Flat brush (stiff bristles to work the Fiber Etch into your project)
  • Machine embroidered project
  • Scarf, garment, accessory to play with using Fiber Etch
  • Towel
  • Newspaper or something similar
  • Clothes dryer
  • Fabric dye (optional)
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