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Oink, Oink and Away!© Cutwork-Applique Vest Pattern

Oink, Oink and Away Cutwork Applique Vest Pattern

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Oink, Oink & Away, click here.

When Pigs Fly...

We've all heard the term "when pigs fly", well now's your chance to show people exactly how that looks. With our Oink, Oink, and Away! vest pattern the secret life of flying pigs is exposed for the world to see.

We include the instructions for you to create the nice curly piggy tails as we did for all our flying pig friends.

Watch our video demonstration showing you just how easy these vests are to make!

Sewing Skill Level 2

Oink, Oink and Away!- $9.95
  • Description
  • Materials Needed
  • Things that Help

Oink, Oink and Away! pattern:

  • Seven different piggy shapes and sizes
  • Various piggy wings
  • Hot air balloons and baskets
  • Rocketship and flying goggles
  • Cape and airport sign
  • Clouds in several shapes
  • Different hills
  • Vest pattern pieces
  • Full instructions
  • Adult sizes 8-18 included

Materials needed:

  • 1-3/8 yards 45" fabric or 1 yard 60" fabric for lining, bands, and yokes
  • Fabric scraps for appliques
  • 1-1/4 yards 45" fusible fleece (we prefer Pellon brand)
  • Fusible web (Steam-A-Seam etc.)
  • Thread to match appliques
  • Thread to match lining, yokes, and bands
  • Seam sealant (Fray Check etc.)
  • Sequins, beads, decorative threads, ribbon (optional)

Things that help:

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