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Sweet Sounds© Cutwork-Applique Vest Pattern

Sweet Sounds Cutwork Applique Vest Pattern

For a larger picture of Sweet Sounds, click here.

Music Is What Feelings... Sound Like

Surround yourself with the joyful sounds of music. Our Sweet Sounds vest pattern is a wonderful affirmation for and to music lovers everywhere.

I was a violinist for many years and that's really what created Sweet Sounds.

Watch our video demonstration showing you just how easy these vests are to make!

Sewing Skill Level 2

Sweet Sounds - $9.95
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Sweet Sounds pattern:

When I was 14 in Jr. High, I found myself assigned to a semester of cooking classes; Oh nonononono! The only other options during that time frame was a beginning strings class; anything I thought, but cooking. I wanted to try the Viola but only the Violin was left. Within two weeks not only did I discover I had a talent for playing, I fell in complete love with the Violin.

  • Three different styles and shapes of blank music sheets (you can hand score or purchase fabric that looks like sheet music & cut to the pattern shape)
  • Various musical notes, keys, symbols, and rests
    • Sharp, Flat and Natural
    • 1/4 and 1/8 Rest
    • Treble and Bass Clef
    • Fermata
    • Common Time
    • Whole Note
    • D.S. Al Fine
    • 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 Note
    • 1/4 Note Double
    • Percussion Note
  • Vest pattern pieces
  • Full instructions
  • Adult sizes 8-16 included

The curved, and scrolled sheet music may be personalized with your favorite scored sheet music. All you need is a permanent black marker and some muslin.

While other kids listened to the Black Sabbath and Rolling Stones, I played classical music. I'd practice for hours - it wasn't a burden, it was a joy. Even though I no longer play, I'm still in love and have the worn out CD's and full iTunes library to prove it.Materials needed:

  • 1-3/8 yards 45" fabric or 1 yard 60" fabric for lining, bands, and yokes
  • Fabric scraps for appliques
  • 1-1/4 yards 45" fusible fleece (we prefer Pellon brand)
  • Fusible web (Steam-A-Seam etc.)
  • Thread to match appliques
  • Thread to match lining, yokes, and bands
  • Seam sealant (Fray Check etc.)
  • Sheet music fabric (optional)
  • Permanent black marker, thin tip, to score personalized sheet music (optional)
  • 12" x 30" piece muslin for personalized sheet music (optional)

Things that help:

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