Another Time Waster

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Well no, not really… I just get to play more!

See this way I can ramble on about the techniques we use, post answers to the Sewing Savvy questions (I’ve run out of room on the regular section), and show some of the other projects we’ve taken on.

For example:

  • There are new kits on the market (great idea!) for combining thread, yarns, and fusibles into scarfs and decorative accents – I’ll should you how we did it years ago with a scarf that took about 4000 yards of thread.
  • Free motion thread work on netting – no fancy sewing machine needed.
  • Our one adventure with using clear plastic, decorative threads and a vest.

One Piece Jacket - Hand Dyes, Sides OpenSee! Lots to talk about. And yes we want you to join in too… it’s not fun with only one of us talking.

You will need to register to be able to post – I don’t want this to become a repository for Spam. And just like on our stated privacy policy – we don’t share!

So come on, join in — all you have to lose is a little time (and I promise I won’t tell anyone).


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2 Responses to “Another Time Waster”

  • emilyg says:

    oh I am so excited to see this blog!!! I just won our local “America’s Next Fashion Designer” contest with my Keshy vest! I used the Keshy pattern, Fiber Etch, and the Kittycharms – the judges loved it!

    Now I’m working on the “Sew it Goes” vest, and I’m covering it with your sewing charms (I love those cute scissors so much, I am “trimming” the vest with 44 of them – all around the border). Thank you for all of these great products, and a really helpful website. I’ll let you know how my vest turns out (I am sewing scissor charm #23, and still have a few to go).


  • jeanette says:

    Congratulations Emily! That’s terrific. When you get the Sew it Goes vest finished (sounds like it’s going to take some time), it’s be great if you could share a photo of it.


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