Living With Fibromyalgia

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If you’ve roamed the site you know we have a section devoted in resources to Fibromyalgia. It’s a condition yours truly has had for almost 5 years now. I can say quite honestly, I’ve had more fun.

Anyone that has it will tell you it’s a constant series of adjustments – both physical and emotional. I just knew stating that I’ve always hated being bored was going to come back and bite me!

Living With Fibromyalgia - A Jouney of Hope and UnderstandingSo there’s a new DVD out – a 77 minute documentary from the daughter of a woman suffering from Fibro. She wanted to learn how to help her mother, how others Fibromyalgia patients cope, what doctors say, how it’s treated – how to give hope to patients and their familes.

The DVD is called: Living With Fibromyalgia, A Journey of Hope and Understanding. This movie is the result of two years of interviews and research. 10% of the proceeds are being donated to the Fibromyalgia Association.

I bought it, watched it, and have passed it to my family to watch. It’s wonderful. If you have Fibro or someone you love does, take a look at Living With Fibromyalgia. You aren’t alone.

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One Response to “Living With Fibromyalgia”

  • Kinderhook says:

    As someone who has this, I’m very interested in this video. I find that the whole sleep part of FMS is as bad as the pain part — well, I say that today when the pain isn’t so bad. It’s one tricky thing. When my doctor sent me to a rheumatologist in 1993, he thought I had lupus. So there was relief I didn’t have that but who’d ever heard of fibromyalgia. It has been a learning experience, that’s for sure. As an aside, my MIL could never get the name right and she loved talking about ailments. Every time she called she would ask, “How’s your fibromalaysia?” We do tend to call it that around our house even now, many years after her death.


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