With Friends Like This…

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You can always tell who your friends are in a time of crisis. I happen to be in ‘time of crisis’ and my so-called friends are all laughing at me!

I admit it’s my own fault, but still… a little sympathy and understand would go a long way towards my conveniently forgetting a few issues.

Silk Batiste Hand Made Baby BootiesSo what did I do this time? I did what any good sister would do! See my brother Ray and his wife Bre are expecting their first child in a few months, and I asked if I could make the Christening Dress. I made the dress when my sister had her first, and I’ve made quite a few for family members.

Years ago I created these beautiful old-world style dresses for sale – special order only. Each dress was 42″ or longer, made from fine cotton or silk batiste, using tea-dyed cotton laces and silk ribbons. They were gorgeous if I do say so myself. Pin tucks, and gathers, ruffles, laces, bonnets and booties. If you visit the Gallery, you can see some of these dresses.

Each dress also took between 3 and 5 weeks to make. I finally got tired of paying for the privilege of sewing for someone else; I was barely covering the cost of supplies and my labor wasn’t even a factor. While I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing, it wasn’t paying the mortgage. Major bummer.

Now we come to the part about my friends.

I created the last Christening Dress about 14 years ago. Since then I’ve gotten divorced, moved twice, gained a new snuggle-bunny, have more cats, gotten a new sewing machine, and have none of the supplies I need (or patterns I had created) to make the the dress. When I bemoaned my situation to these friends of mine what did they do? They laughed at me! In fact I believe Storm was laughing so hard she was crying… right before I got patted on the head.

I think what triggered the crying was when I told her I had to have it done before July 15th.


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