Life’s Little Setbacks

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Ow… owowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow.

I’m very conscious of all the wonderful things in the sewing room that can cause physical harm. Scissors, rotary cutter, pins, needles, irons, sewing machines and other assorted items.

Rotary cutter and bandaide - no bloodOver the years I’ve managed to hurt myself with all of those items – more then once! I have a standard lecture for anyone new to sewing or for those that help me about just how badly hurt you can be if you don’t pay attention.

An hour ago I was in the sewing room trimming some fabric with the rotary cutter and clear ruler. I don’t have the strength in my hand or arm like I use to, and the hand holding the ruler slipped. This was not a good thing.

I seriously cut into my right forefinger – think sliding the blade up the finger with force – with the rotary cutter. My brain fortunately kicked in immediately and I managed to press hard on the finger to stop the blood from going anywhere and not get any of the Christening Dress.

Muttering a non-stop series of ohmygods, I raced to the bathroom for band-aids; it’s amazing what you can do with your teeth. After slapping two regular ones on and watching then get soaked immediately, I ran to get the giant sized ones – 3″x 5″ – and wound it tightly around; from big knuckle to over the fingertip.

Then came the shakes and tears of course, and lets not forget the berating – lots and lots of berating!

I’m typing with one-hand and a few fingers; I’m left handed, and the mouse is on the right side with the messed up hand/finger, it’s weird trying to ‘click’. Let me tell you, stupid thing hurts.

No more sewing or work for me today. I’m going to go do better living through chemistry with a nice pain pill. You know, I’ve been told before that my sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning for others…

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