That’s One Gorgeous Christening Dress

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Yes I am patting myself on the back. I haven’t worried over a project this much since I created the Christening dress for my sister. It’s always worse when you’re doing something for family.

The ribbons are tea-dyed silk. I originally had them a lighter shade, but decided the darker color looked more old-world. Anyway I’m going to post larger pictures for everyone to see… enjoy.

“The Bonnet”

Christening Dress Bonnet


“The Front Bodice”

Close up of the front bodice of the Christening Dress


“The Back Bodice”

Close up of the back bodice of the Christening Dress


“The Dress Full Front”

Completed Christening Dress - Full Front View


Conner William Scott

Conner - Here's Looking at You Kid!

And we got very good news today, Conner is coming home! A little less then one month after his early arrival he’s almost 5 pounds and has his dad’s very healthy appetite.

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