Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Button Bracelet

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So I found these great glow-in-the-dark buttons and had to stock them. Way cool, in two sizes, and completely safe for kids clothing.

All I could think was: HALLOWEEN!

First let me share a picture of a ‘witch’ we helped create using these buttons…. she is just too cute (and one really patient kid too).

Our Witch with her Glow in the Dark buttons - Glowing!

Just put the buttons in the sun – or under a lamp – for even as short as 10-minutes and they’ll glow for you. If you keep them in the light for an hour or more, you can expect 5 or 6 hours of glow time. Perfect for trick-or-treating or that Halloween party.

Yes, all us adults are going to use them too!

Glow-in-the-Dark Button Bracelet

We used two packages of buttons and about 12″ of round, black elastic.

I used two packages of the buttons – you can use less or more, completely personal preference – and some round, black elastic.

I cut a piece of elastic to a little more then double my wrist measurement

I cut a piece of the round, black elastic a little more then double my wrist measurement and opened up the two packages of buttons.

Take one of the buttons and thread it onto the elastic piece.

Taking one of the buttons in hand, I threaded it on the piece of elastic. It made more sense to me to move it to the middle and work from side-to-side, then starting on one end.

Just thread that elastic in one button hole and out the other!

Because I did want this to be the middle point, I stacked two button – the 5/8″ and then the 3/8″ on top of it. Thread the elastic from the bottom of the 5/8″, then through the 3/8″ – back down the other hole in the 3/8″, and the 5/8″.

I scooted them until they’re were pretty much centered. The elastic stretched (well duh, Ann), but the buttons aren’t going to be moving unless you manually drag them along it.

Again, since this was the starting point, I put a double knot under the larger button as an anchor.

Since this was my starting point – and the middle – I tied a double slip-knot underneath the larger button. Trust me, that knot is not coming out!

Just keep stringing buttons on until you have enough

Some single and some double buttons

With two sizes to play with, I alternated singles, doubles, and both sizes; don’t like the way it looks – just slide the button off the elastic and try again. Child’s play!

Okay, I think I have enough buttons now on the elastic

Okay, I was pretty happy with the amount of buttons on the elastic here…. and it was a good mix of highs-and-lows for variety too.

Time for one more double slip-knot

It was time for one more double slip-knot. I tied it firmly behind the last large button. This is the only other time I knotted anything. The round elastic is very durable and the buttons weren’t moving once threaded into place.

Clip the ends close to the knot. I daubed on a little Fray-Check: the just because factor. You can use a dot of glue on the knot if you like too.

Glow-in-the-Dark button bracelet being worn.

And here it is being worn – and glowing great!  This is a super fast and easy project that would be perfect for a group of kids to do. No mess, no fuss, inexpensive and fun to do. I think we have a winner….

Glow-in-the-Dark buttons can be found right here.

And in anticipation of Halloween – how about a little Cat Bowling game? No cats were harmed, they were all ‘Spared’!

Cat Bowling Game - Free Online Time Waster - I just love the ‘net. http://www.catbowling.net

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