Terrific Colorful Charms Projects

I just LOVE these brightly-colored lightweight charms!

Here are a few ideas to get you started on different ways to use them.

Most of the presents or little-somethings I give are handmade – and here’s a perfect example. The picture below is a lace bag holding a special blend of potpourri I created. After adding a couple of ribbons to close the bag, I tied on four of the Flutter By colorful charms.

Isn’t it just great looking!  I am so happy with the way it turned out.

Potpourri Bag Embellished with Flutter By Colorful Charms


Wedding Thank You Gift Embellished with A Wedding Colorful Charm

A Wedding Favor

For something a bit more elegant, here’s a Wedding favor created for a Maid-of-Honor and Bridesmaids.

The bag was made from a mid-weight silk and I created the outer-lace layer with a very delicate beaded lace panel I’ve been holding on to forever.

A gorgeous satin beaded bag holding a “thank you for being a part of out day” gift, tied with a silk ribbon and embellished with one of the A Wedding Colorful Charms. Simply lovely.

 A Baby Shower Gift from the New Almost Grandma!

As much as I’d like to, I simply cannot take credit for this incredible Diaper Cake!  A good friend spent a weekend creating it for her daughter’s baby shower; it will be her first grandchild.

Nancy used 115 disposable diapers, washcloths, bibs, small stuffed animals, pacifiers, picture frames, ribbons, diaper pins, booties, some of our baby buttons and the Baby Time colorful charms. And she has the nerve to say she isn’t creative! WOW – I was just blown away…. and so was everyone else at the shower.

A Very Special Baby Shower Gift - the Diaper Cake using Baby Time Colorful Charms

Fun Pre-Teen Project (actually it’s for anyone)

How about a quick and easy-to-do project for a pre-teen or young teen birthday party or sleep over?

For the necklace I took three different colors of 1/8″ satin ribbon ( you can use 1/16″ too) – cut the lengths at least twice the diameter of your neck; measure to be sure..

Tie one or more of our Ladies Night colorful charms to the ribbon – add knots evenly spaced along the length of the ribbon. Simply tie loosely behind your neck to secure.

To make the earrings we used two colorful charms, two fishhook earwires and two jump rings. Attach one jump ring to each charm; then attached the same jumpring to each fishhook earwire. Close the jump ring.

That’s all it takes!

A Ribbon Necklace and Fishhook Earring set using Ladies Night Colorful charms - easy to make!

I bet you can come up with a whole bunch of other ideas on how to use these great embellishment charms…. we’d love to see pictures – email us at emily@wwwearables.com and we’ll add them here!

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