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Annie doing her Geek impression

Annie doing her Geek impression.

I know, just what the world needs – another Blog! Well I’d like to think this wasn’t just another blog, but something a lot more fun.

Instead of taking the time and updating full Web pages when an idea, process, event, or situation happens, we can just post it here. That means I just might actually get something done.

Feel free to join in, comments aren’t just welcome, they’re thoroughly enjoyed! We’d love you to register and become an active member, but you don’t have to to voice your thoughts.

Umpteen months later, I’m sorry to say I have to change that policy.  To post a comment, you are going to have to register first. Let me tell you I did not want to have to do this, but I’ve gotten real tired of blocking the attempted SPAM postings. Real. Tired. So in the interest of protecting what’s left of my sanity, you will have to register first if you want to post. I’m very, very sorry about this.

We don’t want Everybody’s Talking to fall in the hands of Spammers though, so every comment will have to be approved before showing up. This extra step is a necessary evil because of todays ‘folks with more time on their hands then brains in their heads’.

If you’re concerned about providing any info, just take a look at our posted privacy policy – we’re one of the good folks.

Anyway, we’re having a delightful time with the whole thing and would like to think we’re brightening your day… just a little.


PS: If you thought I was going to admit to all those years of sewing and list ugly statistics or resumes, sorry. I wouldn’t wish that boredom on my worst enemy!

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