Skirting the Issue

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Well I am – literally! I’m really happy with the embellishment treatment on the skirt… nothing like sweating out the details.

Skirt lined up with bodice - I got to use box pleats!

I ended up with three groups of three-vertical embroidery designs running down the front of the skirt. Repeated the pattern used on the bodice and added a complimentary version that was just a tad lighter.

Plus I got to finally do my box pleats!

Next was sewing the back of the skirt and adding the little ones name and birth date. Normally I’d do that about 2-months after the dress was sewn – but in this case our early arrival meant I could do it now.

Name on the dress

Actually, it was a whole lot easier on the nerves being able to do it at this point. Before I’d be a basket-case adding the name to a fully finished and used dress.

What if I misspelled the name? Or tore the fabric? Or lined it up badly? Or ran out of thread? Or….or….or… yep I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. Sorry the picture is so bad, but you get the idea.

Okay time to sew the skirt sides. Because I used a French Seam on the sleeve underarm seams, and the back of the skirt, it stood to reason I’d do the same for the sides.

Pin, sew, press, trim to under a quarter-of-an-inch, re-press, turn the fabric inside out, and fold and pin to finish the French seam. Wait. What? No! NONONONONO! I didn’t – did I really?

Yes, Ann you did.

Rolled SeamI sewed a beautiful seam, or it would be if I had been doing a normal seam. But for a French seam it was inside out. Now some people at this point would cry, but not me. I proceeded to question – quite loudly – my parentage, sewing skills, intelligence factor, common sense… and then I dug up my repertoire of swearing in Polish and German.

I remembered a lot!

I flatly refused to cut off that seam, that meant only one alternative – I got to try out a new rolled hem foot on a machine I’ve never used it on, on a Christening Dress for my nephew. No pressure here.

After several tense moments of testing – it sewed beautifully. I love my Janome machine.

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A Yankee Doodle Dandy

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…”a real life nephew of my Uncle Sam, born on the 4th of July”…

Conner William ScottSomeone decided to make an early appearance – two months early in fact. Introducing Conner William Scott, 3 lbs – 8 oz, 16″ long with a very powerful set of lungs!

Our first picture of the little guy with a phone camera (how did we live without those things anyway). Mom and son are doing great, Dad is preening.

The Christening Dress is going to be a bit big, but he can grow into it! Besides, Conner’s going to get to attend his own baby shower now. He’s started out life doing things differently – gotta be my nephew.

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