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Q & A: Beading Help

Here are some of our favorite beading questions we've gotten over the years...

Q. I need to replicate beading on a wedding gown for a look-a-like doll. I am having trouble keeping the spacing even. I am working on Satin and it is difficult or impossible to count threads. Is there some sort of template I could use over the dress that would be a tear-a-way? The pattern is bugle bead, space, bugle bead, space, small bead, space, repeat. See answer.

Q. I need to sew beads on a see through fabric but I don't want the knots to be too visible, or the threads running from bead to bead. How do I tie each bead off so they will not undo? I've tried a simple double knot but if the bead gets pulled it undoes very easily as I needed the thread ends to be short. See answer.

Q. I bought a pair of beaded jeans and after wearing them only once, the beads are falling off. I looked at the inside of the jeans, and it looks to be a continuos string of thread connecting all the beads. Is there something I can iron on or sew on to prevent the thread from breaking every time I wear them? I'm hoping that I don't have to stitch each one individually. See answer.

Q. How do you clean oxidized bugle beads? The beads are on the bust portion of a gown. There are also pearls on the bust area. See answer.

Q. I've made a peyote stitch 1/4" band and am trying to sew it on a neckline. I'm having trouble making it straight and lie flat. I've tried sewing just edges catching edge beads. It tends to bubble and go crooked. I want it perfectly straight and flat. See answer.

Q. I'm sewing a beaded embroided netting and would like to know what type of seam to do? See answer.

Q. I'm trying to hand bead on tulle for my daughters wedding veil and not having much luck keeping it straight and even. I'm attempting to use bugle beads in a V pattern with seed beads at the top and bottom. I plan on adding some 4mm Swarovski crystals in the V after the bugle beads are applied but can't get it uniform. It's also very difficult to see. Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated. See answer.

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