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Q & A: Decorative Techniques

Here are some of our favorite decorative technique questions we've gotten over the years...

Q. How do I machine embroider on a handkerchief. I am using super solvy but the stitches are so stiff even after soaking and rinsing that it can not be used for drying tears of joy. I just got a Baby Lock Elagio and I am just learning to sew. This handkerchief is for a wedding very soon. Please help! I have practiced so many times and nothing is working! See answer.

Q. How do I prevent decorative ribbon fraying when I'm using it for craft projects? See answer.

Q. What method of dyeing yarn provides the best saturation of color? See answer.

Q. I'm trying to make cording and apply it around a pillow without having the stitches show. Also when sewing the cording it seems to get twist. What am I doing wrong? I've cut the cording stripes on the bias, sewn the stripes onto cording, and basted the cording on to the pillow. See answer.

Q. When sewing appliques to clothing, how do you make tight curves look nice. When I make the fabric go in a curve it  separates my stitches. Very annoying? See answer.

Wildly Wonderful Wearabls "All Thread Scarf"Wildly Wonderful Wearables "All Thread Scarf"

We've had so many requests for the directions for our Thread Scarf, that this looked like an excellent place to link to the full instructions and pictures.

Learn the All Thread Scarf technique here!

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