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Notions & Tools: Fabric Stabilizers

With all the stabilizers available today, it's become a bit of a chore deciding which one to use when embellishing your garment. Our chart is to help you wade through some of the most popular stabilizers for embellishment work today.

Stitch Legend
S = Satin Stitch B = Blanket Stitch D = Decorative Stitches M = Mock Hand Applique
Cut Aways Stitch Weight Material Fabric
Sulky's Cut Away Plus S, B, D, M Med. to Heavy Nonwoven Knits (sweaters, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts)
Sulky's Cut Away Soft & Sheer S, B, D, M Light Nonwoven Baby Knits, Sheers, Batiste
Tear Aways Stitch Weight Material Fabric
Sulky's Tear Easy S Light Nonwoven Wovens (cotton, linen, denim, wool, canvas) & Non Wovens (leather, synthetics)
Stitch N Ditch S, B, D, M Light Paper Wovens & Nonwovens
Pellon's Stitch N Tear S Medium Nonwoven Wovens & Nonwovens
Sulky's Stiffy S Heavy Nonwoven Heavy Wovens
Sulky's Totally Stable S Medium Nonwoven Wovens
Wash Aways Stitch Weight Material Fabric
Sulky's Solvy S, B, D, M Light Film Over appliques on high loft fabrics (terry, velour, velvet, fleece)
Sulky's Super Solvy S, B, D, M Medium Film Same as Solvy
Pellon's Sol-u-Web S, B, D, M Light Nonwoven-
Iron On
Same as Solvy
Avalon by Madiera S, B, D, M Light Film Same as Solvy
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