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Q & A: Needle and Thread

As long as we keep on sewing, we'll have questions about our needles and thread!

Q. What size sewing needle should I use to hem jeans. I've already broken 3 needles. See answer.

Q. I am sewing handbags made of multi layers of fabric, timtex and foam. I am using an industrial leather sewing machine to accomodate the thickness. However, when we sew thinner fabrics, like silk, the fabric seems to fray out at the seems, making the handbag look worn and old. I am using Schmetz needle system 134-35LR, 2134-35; Canu: 32:10AX; Nm: 120. Should I be using a different needle? I have to use this machine to accomodate the thickness of the bags. The frayed fibers are too small to cut with an embroidery scissor but can be seen. See answer.

Q. The gold thread I am using for topstitching a Christmas table runner keeps breaking. Any ideas. My friend suggested maybe the tension was too tight haven't tried that yet. See answer.

Q. What does each number of for example a 90/14 needle stand for and thanks for reading this. See answer.

Q. How long does thread last. I have thread that I bought years ago, should I get rid of it, or still use it. Thank you, this is a very informative site. See answer.

Q. We need a sewing thread which is heat sensitive and the basic colour changes when expose to the Sun light. This is only yarn and not a fabric. See answer.

Q. I have a new Bernina serger and the only serger thread sold in my area is Maxi-Lock. My dealer told me that other brands are better but that this is fine. I don't know if I should order a "better" brand on-line or use the Maxi-Lock? HELP! See answer.

Q. I want to do a satin stitch on a circle, and the inside of the circle contains batting for trapunto. Should I attempt using metallic thread to do the satin stitch, or do you not recommend metallic thread for satin stitching? See answer.

Q. I want to identify my hand sewing needles by number and type. How do I achieve this? See answer.

Q. I am making a tulle overskirt for a "princess" dress for my grand daughter. What is the best size needle to use? See answer.

Q. My thread is raveling when sewing satin stitch what do i do to prevent this? See answer.

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