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Techniques: Pressing Sheet

Bear Threads Pressing Sheet

It's not often that we find a product that we believe in so strongly, that we want to share it with others. The Bear Threads applique pressing sheet is one of those rare finds. (Buy one now!)

Bear Threads Pressing SheetYou may use this applique pressing sheet and multi-purpose craft sheet as:

  1. An applique sheet for pre-assembling quilting blocks and applique pieces
  2. An pressing cloth, including for painted pieces, photo transfers, and over paper piecing
  3. An craft sheet - hot glue peels right off, as do any glues, wax, clays, or stiffening projects
  4. For kids crafts - protects all surfaces and cleans up easily
  5. A painting palette: projects won't stick and paints peel off when dry
  6. For baking projects that don't contain oil such as shrink-art, clays, and salt dough

Cleaning and General Information

To clean the pressing sheet simply rub off any excess fusing medium. If the whole sheet is covered, just use an extra scrap of fabric and press to the top (gunk covered) side of the sheet (sheet is multi-sided). When cool, simply peel the fabric off and any 'gunk' from the sheet will have transferred to the fabric. You may also wash the sheet using soapy water - and a soft scrub will remove any ink from pattern transfers.

The double-sided, reusable pressing sheet is made from ultra high temperature glass and coated with non-stick Polygon™; 13" x 17". Just roll up for storage. Bear Threads guarantees this pressing sheet (when used as directed) for 5 years. The guarantee is included in the package.

Step One

  1. Trace off all your applique pattern pieces onto a fusible webbing and be sure to number them.
  2. Cut them roughly apart.
  3. Fuse these transferred pattern pieces to your chosen fabrics
  4. Cut apart exactly on the pattern lines.
  5. Take your pattern layout diagram (as shown below) and place it on your clean ironing board.

Step Two

  1. Secure the pattern diagram to your ironing board with straight pins inserted at an angle or small pieces of tape.
  2. Place the Bear Threads pressing sheet over the layout diagram.
  3. You should be able to clearly see the diagram underneath the sheet.
Useing a pressing sheet step 1 Useing a pressing sheet step 2

Step Three

  1. The the first numbered fabric piece and remove the oppaper backing protecting the fusing.
  2. Lay that piece on-top of it's corresponding piece on the diagram.
  3. Fuse down with your iron.
  4. Take the second fabric piece and do the same thing
  5. Repeat these steps until all the applique pattern pieces have been used.

Step Four

  1. Allow this completely fused together applique to cool completely.
  2. Gently peel it off of the pressing sheet.
  3. Place your fused applique on your prepared quilt block, garment, or fabric piece.
  4. Fuse into place.
  5. You may now satin stitch this applique down.
  6. No movement, no realigning, no basting.
  7. Yes it really is just that easy.
Useing a pressing sheet step 3 Useing a pressing sheet step 4

Creating our Dianna's Dance pattern would simply not have been possible without this pressing sheet.

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